Bringing Down the White Picket Fence

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We went to the Centre Pompidou this morning, a modern and contemporary art museum featuring legendary artists like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, and Jackson Pollack, to name just a few.  We also got the opportunity to see a series of photographs by Robert Doisneau, the photographer featured in the coffee table book I mentioned in my post about Les Halles.  His photos of Paris from the 1940’s are realistic black and white… Read More

I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping in Paris. This is particularly unusual for me since I’m an avid sleeper at home. Even Paul is concerned and surprised by my inability to rest. It is not often that he sleeps better or more than I do. Yet here in Paris, the roles have been reversed. He sleeps, I don’t. Which is exactly the reason for no blog post yesterday. Paul was… Read More

Happy 4th of July USA!   You would be happy to hear that the cafes just down the street from our apartment are proudly displaying their red, white, and blue!  They’ve got streamers, American flags, and lots of people, all with a good excuse to party and eat a cheeseburger!  And Bruce Springsteen is here!  It doesn’t get much more American than that! As you can see, Bruce’s concert is complet, or… Read More

I’ve got three important words for today: Willi’s Wine Bar.  Today, after sleeping in late and missing breakfast, we set out in search of a good place to have lunch.  Willi’s Wine Bar has been high on Paul’s list for quite awhile now and since I am always more than willing to get a little lost for good food, we went out in search of Willi and his all too cool wine… Read More

Despite the sunshine that lit up the city well until 10pm last night, we turned in early unable to fight the exhaustion any longer.  Earlier in the evening we watched most of the Euro 2012 final soccer game huddled in front of our miniature flat screen while munching on mini toasts with black olive tapenade.  It was quite a relaxing and quiet way to spend our first evening in Paris. Although we… Read More

I’m not a movie person. There are few movies I’ve seen all the way through. Most of these movies I’ve seen at the movie theater, largely because AMC does not have a “bring your own couch” policy. This requires me to sit up and stay awake. But if I have a place to stretch out, along with a pillow and a blanket, I rarely make it to the end, or the middle… Read More

I was blessed to meet Dr. Joel Shappirio.  Although he never knew that I would one day marry his son, there was some kind of magic behind meeting my future father-in-law.  I don’t know who or what is responsible for all this, and I mean ALL of it, but whether it be fate or serendipity, or just pure luck, I am thankful. I met Dr. Shappirio while walking the halls of Manasquan… Read More

Yes, we finally pulled it off, the long awaited, much anticipated family Christmas Cruise. After years of talk and endless jokes about the possibility of it never happening, nine very grateful family members, boarded a ship bound for warmer weather on Christmas Eve 2011. We never looked back. While swimming in paradise on Christmas Day, in 85 degrees of sunshine and water so clear I could see my toes, my niece Amanda… Read More

I must confess: I’m in love with NYC.  My love grows even stronger in the fall. I always tell Paul that if we accidentally fall into a goldmine, I want a place in NYC…I want the steps, the flowers on the stoop, and my favorite market down the street. Then Paul reminds me we’ve actually fallen face first in a money pit thanks to the precious gift of inheritance.  It is then,… Read More

Venezia… When you hear the word Venice, what automatically comes to mind? Wait, let me guess…a gondola? That used to be the first word that came to my mind too.  But now, I’ve been there.  So, what do I associate Venice with now?  Crazed crowds of people.  Unfortunately, that’s the impression I’ve been left with. Venice is unique and beautiful.  It’s a place everyone should see at least once in their lifetime…. Read More