Bringing Down the White Picket Fence

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This is where we stayed in Florence… This being reason #1 why I loved Florence more. Reason #2… When you dream Italy, isn’t this what comes to mind? Reason #3… You have to pass this to get there.  Firenze is Tuscany.  Enough said. We took a high-speed train from Rome to Florence.  This is modern transportation at its finest.  Pay a little extra to get a First Class ticket and you get… Read More

Why Roma? I married a man who keeps his promises, no matter what the cost.  It’s one of the many qualities I adore about him.  From the little everyday promises, like doing the dishes after dinner, to the even larger promises, most of which he will never take credit for. What does this have to do with our trip to Roma?  Everything. Years ago Paul and his mother went to Paris.  At… Read More

So Paul has given me the “you haven’t blogged” speech several times a week and he’s right, I haven’t blogged.  In fact, the post you are about to read I wrote months ago, but didn’t publish.  I’ve got some pretty good excuses for not blogging: I’m an extremely devoted teacher, an aspiring chef or grocery store enthusiast (I spend way too much time at Whole Foods and Wegmans), and an executrix of… Read More

Our latest travels have convinced me that biscuits and gravy are probably the best breakfast creation ever to land on my plate. Until now, I thought I could only enjoy breakfast when it was jam packed in a tortilla and spiced to the point that I could no longer recognize it as breakfast. This opinion of “my most important meal of the day” completely changed when, on our latest adventure, I smothered… Read More

I haven’t blogged in awhile. We went to Denver in early November and needless to say, this blog post is a bit overdue. Unfortunately, upon return from our trip, life, as my family knew it, changed. Unexpectedly, of course, like life has a way of doing. As a result, there has been little time for writing, and a lot of time for reflecting, just not on paper, or electronically, for that matter…. Read More

It was late August.  Summer was quickly coming to an end, Paul’s decision to go back to teaching was final, and we wanted one last getaway before heading back to work.  Originally, we looked into heading to New Orleans.  While hotel prices were low, airline prices were high.  Aside from the steep price to fly, we weren’t sure we wanted to explore a new city in extreme southern summer temperatures.  We wanted… Read More

We went to Sorrento on our honeymoon…not Positano, Amalfi, or Capri.  Let me repeat, we went to Sorrento. I often get asked the question, “Where did you go on your honeymoon?” and when I say, “Sorrento”, I often get, “Where’s that?” or “Did you go to Positano while you were there?”  While I hear Positano is quite spectacular, I plan to go there another time, a time when I want to sight-see… Read More

The decision to spend our honeymoon in Sorrento, Italy was largely influenced by Paul.  Although it was my first trip to Italy, Paul had already explored this region with his mother and sister on a family vacation several years ago.  During his prior stay, he stayed in Sorrento for two nights at Il Faro, a cutesy little Italian hotel just on the edge of the Mediterranean.  Just outside this hotel sits Vela… Read More

Flip flops and stilettos-flip flops for during the day, stilettos for my more fancy attire at night.  I did not bring tennis shoes, hiking boots, or even outdoorsy sandals.  So when we asked the lady at the front desk how to get to the walking path down to town, she took one look at my shoes and said in her best English, “While I love your shoes, you need to be very… Read More

On the way to the airport I was convinced that my sparkly “Just Married” tank top combined with my overly giddy “Oh my God, we just got married!” attitude would get us moved up to first class on the airplane. Just to be on the safe side, I attached some homemade “Just Married” computer labels to all of our luggage, and when they just wouldn’t stick, Paul secured them on with massive… Read More