Bringing Down the White Picket Fence

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The Mets.  If anyone really knows Paul and I, they know we have a serious fondness for the New York Mets.  Most people probably assume that I only love the Mets because Paul does, but if you really know your Michelle trivia, you will know my love of the Mets began back in the late 80’s when #9, Gregg Jefferies, played second base.  Most, if not all, Mets fans make fun of… Read More

On cold winter weekends, Paul and I always find a need to walk the streets of NYC.  Bundled up with gloves, scarves, and earmuffs, we venture to some of our favorite places, all the while wishing for warmer weather and proclaiming our love for summer.  Our noses are red and we can barely feel our toes, but there is something about that city that keeps us coming back for more. For us,… Read More

I always believed that if Belmar, NJ  ever needed a tour guide, my father would be just the man for the job.  In the winter months, he and his lovely assistant Jake could take you on a crawling tour of our little Jersey Shore town.  And, I mean, literally a crawling tour.  In the summer months, he’d run the special Belmar Bicycle Tour…up to the beach, down to the marina, and if… Read More

Birthday Borgata style this year and due to our visit being in honor of my very special day, the Borgata staff upgraded us, free of charge, to a very luxurious suite.  Thank you for the birthday gift Borgata…we will come again, as I’m sure you were hoping. Now, I know we just blogged about AC not too long ago and, by no means are we AC junkies, but, Paul surprised me with… Read More

I never imagined I would one day ride a bicycle through the streets of any city, let alone Paris.  While Paul and I are very skilled at reading maps and figuring out just where we are and where we need to be, I have to admit, I wasn’t quite confident in our abilities to maneuver bicycles through a busy French city.  In the end, the experience was unforgettable (on many levels) and… Read More

When you are a little girl, dreams are filled with images of prince charming, ivory dresses, baby carriages, and white picket fences.  Sometimes those dreams come true and sometimes they become much more.  Picture this…over a thousand feet of sparkle standing before you, twinkling hues of gold and silver, towering above men playing boules in the park and couples sipping wine whilst reclining in the grass…You’ve just indulged  in pomme frites (french… Read More