Birthday Borgata and Cape May

Birthday Borgata style this year and due to our visit being in honor of my very special day, the Borgata staff upgraded us, free of charge, to a very luxurious suite.  Thank you for the birthday gift Borgata…we will come again, as I’m sure you were hoping.

Now, I know we just blogged about AC not too long ago and, by no means are we AC junkies, but, Paul surprised me with this fun-filled night out at the Borgata for a much-needed mini vacation.  In addition to our stay, he included dinner reservations at a hip, modern Japanese pub that I’ve longed to try.  Any place that has a jalapeno spicy tuna cracker roll on their menu can reel me in anytime.

We arrived at the Borgata last night around 5:30ish and, after getting the free suite upgrade, I was no longer concerned about the slight scare that I may have locked the car key in the car at the valet station.  If the car had to sit in front of the Borgata all night blocking traffic, I didn’t care, we had a suite!  I figured if I really did lock the key in the car, someone would call me while I was voyaging through the largest bathroom I’d ever stepped foot in!  I can’t believe people actually stay in these kinds of rooms on a regular basis!  I could have spent the whole night gawking at the lavishness of the bathroom if only those darn slot machines weren’t calling my name downstairs.

As for the slot machines, I lost my twenty dollars in about twenty seconds this time around and lost Paul’s twenty dollars about twenty seconds later.  Apparently slots were purely there for entertainment last night and not monetary gain.

Now, let’s talk about this Japanese pub.  Cool ambiance and an abundance of chop sticks readily available at your table.  Very hip and modern like they proclaimed.  Jalepeno spicy tuna cracker roll was unique and ultra tasty.  Two orders of edamame, some pork gyoza, and several rolls later and we were quite full and satisfied.  Paul even surprised me with the Happy Birthday dessert at the end.  Neither of us care for dessert too much and I absolutely hate cake, but the molten lava chocolate cake they put in front of us was devoured, by both of us,  in 30 seconds flat.  Paul and I thought the food was delicious, but have two minor complaints.  1.  They call themselves a tapas style Japanese pub.  Tapas is Spanish and will always be Spanish in our minds.   Tapas is jamon and olives, NOT sushi.  Trust us, we lived on tapas for a week in Madrid.  2.  Don’t rush us.  We like to enjoy our food and would prefer to wait, then have all of our food brought out to us in record time.  This is not the Amazing Race.

After dinner, we cruised around the Borgata and checked out the sights before returning to our suite and getting some much-needed rest.

This morning we took a short little side trip to Cape May to have some lunch and check out the town.  I remembered going to this fresh fish market in Cape May with my parents a few years back and thought Paul might like having lunch there.  During the summer months, you can eat outside along the water and the place is usually bustling so much you have to fight to get a seat.  Obviously we couldn’t eat outside today, and I had never actually been inside the restaurant before.  As soon as we walked in the door, the place was screaming “Free Credit”.  I know you’ve seen that commercial, the one where the guy is singing along to his guitar in the seafood restaurant while the old people are eating in the background, adorned with the lobster bibs.  Well, we didn’t see any lobster bibs, but we did see the old people and waitresses wearing ridiculous sailor uniforms.  Paul knows some of the words from the song on the commercial and when he began to sing I knew I probably didn’t make the best choice.  Food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t how I remembered it.

We also took a ride to see the Cape May lighthouse, passing by some extra enthusiastic wildlife photographers on the way.  Fifty people along the side of the road staring through their cameras at some ducks on some frozen water.  Sounds so intriguing doesn’t it?  The lighthouse was a little bit of a disappointment, but we did see an old WWII bunker on the beach.  We would have taken a walk down to it to get a closer look, but I don’t exactly  love walking on a cold beach in January, no matter how pretty the beach in the winter can sometimes be.

Our drive back from Exit 0 (did you know Cape May is Exit 0 on the Garden State Parkway?) was long, but entertaining.  Paul and I got into it about the radio, as he hates my musical choices and considers his Ipod mix to be the best playlist known to man.  I figured since I was driving and he was sleeping, I should control the radio.  So I waited until he was just slightly snoring to turn his Ipod off and my country XM station on.  I got about two good minutes of Taylor Swift in before he turned the station off with his foot and lectured me about getting my ears operated on.  Paul and I are meant to be together, there is no doubt about that.  We can practically read each other’s minds, finish each other’s sentences, and we are totally head over heels in love.  But…we will never agree on music.  It’s just something we both have to live with, which just means that he will just have to tolerate a little Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts from time to time.

While he does hate my taste in music, he does respect my choices and proved this by getting me Tim McGraw tickets for a concert just three days before our wedding date.  He’s even going to go with me!  I hope he still marries me after he hears me belting it out right along with Tim…for better or worse, right?

One Comment on “Birthday Borgata and Cape May

  1. Thank you for your kind words on my blog, and I love yours! We need more people to try to bring down the white picket fence! I love these Jersey Shore images. I just moved to Philadelphia from Long Branch and I miss the beach terribly. I’ve never made it down to Cape May, but judging from your gorgeous photos I’m missing out! I look forward to reading more posts!

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