Bringing Down the White Picket Fence


The most common question we got when people asked us where we were headed for Spring Break was: Why Austin, Texas?  Our question was: Why not? Austin is an easy direct flight (about 3 and a half hours) on Southwest Airlines from Newark Airport.  But hold it cowboy!  This isn’t quite like the Texas most people imagine.  That’s not to say you can’t buy yourself some high quality kicks at Allens Boots,… Read More

“We’ve Got Cheese Shops” In July of 2010, Paul and I spent our honeymoon in Sorrento, Italy.  Our hotel sat high upon a cliff overlooking the magnificent Bay of Naples, and everyday after relaxing at the pool, we would walk to town down a long, dusty, quiet, lemon-tree lined path.  Occasionally, a scooter would pass us by, motor off, using only the natural force of gravity to make its way down to the bustling streets… Read More

The Smoky Mountains are magnificent, and if you’ve never taken a drive through them, I suggest you put it on your list.  This was my second trip to the Smoky’s and Paul’s first.  I think one of the best ways to really experience the Smoky Mountains is to tent camp there.  Of course, you could opt instead to join the thousands of tourists that flock to DollyWood in nearby Pigeon Forge or… Read More

Six months ago we heaved our luggage, for the final time, down the narrow and steep spiral staircase of our temporary little home in the beautiful city of Paris.  We rolled our suitcases onto our little cobblestone side street, adjusted our backpacks, took one final glance at our favorite cafe, and began our journey home. Here we are in January and I never really “finished Paris”.   During the last few days… Read More

Provence…sigh… Blame my lack of blogging on the South of France. We just returned to Paris from our little “vacation on vacation”, a luxurious retreat to Saint Remy de Provence. Two years of marriage equals two sweet and delicious days of celebration in French paradise. Our only regret is we didn’t stay a week. I suggest if you are planning to walk down the aisle and say “I do” anytime soon, you… Read More

Find joy in the blunders, find joy in the blunders… Paris is dreamy with its dazzling tower, glistening lights, decadent food, and cozy cafes. Even the rain is romantic. Yet let’s be real. Paris isn’t perfect and neither are we. Here’s one of many posts devoted to our blunders, our mishaps, our unusual observations, and our causes for concern…all of which have added just a touch of spice to an already amazing… Read More

So here I was worried about packing enough shoes and, as it turns out, I should have been more concerned about packing appropriately for the weather. Today’s high temperature was a blustery 65 degrees with tonight’s low predicted to be about 57! Turns out my feet are just fine. I’ve just got a serious on and off case of the goosebumps. I know, I know, take my story walking right? I’m sure… Read More

Happy 4th of July USA!   You would be happy to hear that the cafes just down the street from our apartment are proudly displaying their red, white, and blue!  They’ve got streamers, American flags, and lots of people, all with a good excuse to party and eat a cheeseburger!  And Bruce Springsteen is here!  It doesn’t get much more American than that! As you can see, Bruce’s concert is complet, or… Read More

Dinner was so good tonight that Paul was frequently caught dipping his bread into my crock of cassoulet.  Surprising since he was sure he wouldn’t like cassoulet and opted for foie gras ravioli instead.  And while his ravioli was tasty, it was also very rich.  My cassoulet, on the other hand, was right on and, as a result, Paul is already planning his trip back to Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie so… Read More