Bringing Down the White Picket Fence


This photo was taken out the window of our hotel room in Lyon, France. Usually, I remember the names of every hotel and restaurant we’ve stayed at, but this one, I can’t recall. This usually means there wasn’t anything memorable about it, or I didn’t like it, but there are so many memories from our stay in this hotel that are just…funny. Here are a few: You had to walk through the… Read More

This is pure happiness. Headphones, a good book, and the French countryside. This high-speed train swept me from Paris to Lyon and then to Provence. Another summer after a stressful school year (as if I knew what stress was then). This country taught me how to take deep breaths. I savored every minute of calm, and now I long to go back.

I apologize for not updating the blog in the last few days.  I’ve got several good reasons for not being able to write: 1.  While living it up like a Parisian, I was in the midst of selling and closing on my aunt’s house in NJ.  This is a house I inherited two years ago and have been trying to sell, rather unsuccessfully, ever since.  Of course, all the important stuff happens while… Read More