Bringing Down the White Picket Fence


Here are four ladies, exhausted and beaten by the sun after a day of touring the Colosseum. We are waiting, impatiently, to eat a bowl of cacio e pepe at Restaurant X. Restaurant X is not the real name of the restaurant. It’s Roma Sparita actually. Anthony Bourdain put this restaurant on the map when he professed his love for Roma Sparita’s cacio e pepe on an episode of No Reservations. He… Read More

We honeymooned in Sorrento, Italy. It was the perfect honeymoon of sit by the pool, walk down to town to eat, take the bus back up to the hotel to sit by the pool again, walk down to town to eat, take the bus back up to the hotel. Notice, I didn’t say walk up? I don’t think it was Sorrento official or anything, but our hotel was the farthest hotel from… Read More

Venezia… When you hear the word Venice, what automatically comes to mind? Wait, let me guess…a gondola? That used to be the first word that came to my mind too.  But now, I’ve been there.  So, what do I associate Venice with now?  Crazed crowds of people.  Unfortunately, that’s the impression I’ve been left with. Venice is unique and beautiful.  It’s a place everyone should see at least once in their lifetime…. Read More

This is where we stayed in Florence… This being reason #1 why I loved Florence more. Reason #2… When you dream Italy, isn’t this what comes to mind? Reason #3… You have to pass this to get there.  Firenze is Tuscany.  Enough said. We took a high-speed train from Rome to Florence.  This is modern transportation at its finest.  Pay a little extra to get a First Class ticket and you get… Read More

Why Roma? I married a man who keeps his promises, no matter what the cost.  It’s one of the many qualities I adore about him.  From the little everyday promises, like doing the dishes after dinner, to the even larger promises, most of which he will never take credit for. What does this have to do with our trip to Roma?  Everything. Years ago Paul and his mother went to Paris.  At… Read More