Bringing Down the White Picket Fence


Another cafe; this one in Provence. How many stories can we tell with just one photo? I’d say the guy in the shorts, legs crossed and hands placed perfectly upon his leg, is pretty pleased with his ponytailed friend. She’s said something that’s made him proud. He’s impressed. What about the woman just behind the lady in the fancy dress and the cute shoes? She’s at the cafe next door, but she’s… Read More

This is just one of the bustling cafes we spotted on our recent “Paris Walks” tour of the Marais.  These highly informative and interesting tours are two hours long and just 12 Euros per person!  Just find the tour that interests you on their website ( and meet at the designated location.  The tour guides speak English and are tremendously knowledgable about the city.  We’ve taken Hemingway’s Paris and The Marais Circuit 1 and… Read More

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about baguettes.  I think about coffee, croissants, and cheese a lot too.  But mostly, I’m consumed by baguettes.  I’m eager for that warm, succulent taste of crunchy French perfection I experienced on my last visit. We are living in Paris this summer in the 1st arrondissement.  We’ve had our little Parisian residence picked out and reserved for almost a year now.  As you can see, that’s left… Read More