Goodnight from Paris!

Dinner was so good tonight that Paul was frequently caught dipping his bread into my crock of cassoulet.  Surprising since he was sure he wouldn’t like cassoulet and opted for foie gras ravioli instead.  And while his ravioli was tasty, it was also very rich.  My cassoulet, on the other hand, was right on and, as a result, Paul is already planning his trip back to Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie so he can enjoy his very own crock of cassoulet.  I’ll admit I was also eyeing up my neighbor’s meal and will be returning to get my own plate of massive shells of escargot.

Cassoulet consists of large white beans, several types of meat, vegetables, and spices all combined and cooked in a pot over one or two days.  I guess you could compare it to a stew.  Exactly the reason Paul didn’t want it.  He’d rather go hungry than eat anything that resembles stew.  This, however, was much better than stew.  Served in a steaming hot crock, tonight’s cassoulet included beans, sausage, ham, and an incredibly tender piece of duck still on the bone.  Round this out with crusty pieces of baguette and you’ll find yourself scraping the bottom, savoring every last bit.

After dinner we strolled over to Notre Dame and returned to my favorite part of Paris-Ile St Louis.  Paul took me to the little island of Ile St Louis on our first visit and I couldn’t wait to go back.  Here you can join the locals as they congregate along the Seine, sitting at the edge, having picnics, drinking wine, socializing, and waving to the boats as they go by.

Paris is beautiful at night and Paul couldn’t wait for it to get dark so that he could capture some photos.  We had quite a wait though as it didn’t get dark until 10:30pm!  So what did we do to pass the time?  We joined the locals at the edge of the Seine.  Next time we will come more prepared…I’m thinking cheese, a baguette, and a bottle of wine…

2 Comments on “Goodnight from Paris!

  1. Nice! Looks so grand. I saw your parents as I went on my walk yesterday. Your mom is so excited to leave for France. Who wouldn’t be? Enjoy your time there. Seems like a dream come true; I bet. Take care! Hi to Paul!

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip! I am now looking forward to taking a trip to Paris. I enjoy your e-mails everyday!

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