A Little Getaway…


With big French plans in our future, we took it easy this winter break and took a short trip to Baltimore, Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia.  In Baltimore, I got to wear my Raven’s purple and Paul got to see Connor Shaw make his rookie start for the Cleveland Browns.  It was one of those things where the stars aligned with the moon and the Baltimore Ravens, and as a result, Paul was able to show his Gamecock’s pride and cheer on the Browns (quietly, of course) at Pickle’s Pub.  We celebrated with a very casual dinner, a post-game salad and a Flag pizza at Joe Squared.  In the morning, we hit up the Golden West in Hampden for our favorite vegan breakfast burritos (see Baltimore’s Best Breakfast), and then made our way to D.C.’s cutest little neighbor, Alexandria.


In Alexandria, we enjoyed our very first Kimpton hotel stay at the Lorien Hotel and Spa.  We highly recommend this beautiful property, not only for the modern accommodations and excellent service, but also for their amazing fire pit, complimentary wine reception in the lobby, and the Brabo Tasting Room, their onsite restaurant (see my Bravo for Brabo post to read all about my love for Robert Wiedmaier).  We also joined the Kimpton Karma Rewards Program, as we are very intrigued by their amenities and hope to book a few more stays at some of their properties.

Today we say hello to a new year of travel, photography, and writing.  We also say goodbye to Paul’s Photography Blog.  We decided it is time for us to consolidate to just one blog and focus on making Bringing Down the White Picket Fence the best it can be in 2015.

So where will we travel this year?  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.  We’ve got another 365 days of amazing possibilities, and while it’s not likely we’ll get to dine with Anthony Bourdain or make a career out of this blog (although we’d love to), we do have some incredible plans in the works.   We are more eager than ever to explore this fascinating planet and document each journey along the way.  Join us as we wander around new cities, revisit some of our favorites, and fall more in love with Paris and Asbury Park.

Happy New Year!

-Paul and Michelle

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One Comment on “A Little Getaway…

  1. Paul,

    You came to Baltimore and circled my neighborhood and some of my favorite haunts. Next time you do that I’d love for you to call me so we could meet and have a drink and some conversation about Paris. Ive just discovered your new blog and am looking forward to enjoying it.

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