Scenes from Paris

This is just one of the bustling cafes we spotted on our recent “Paris Walks” tour of the Marais.  These highly informative and interesting tours are two hours long and just 12 Euros per person!  Just find the tour that interests you on their website ( and meet at the designated location.  The tour guides speak English and are tremendously knowledgable about the city.  We’ve taken Hemingway’s Paris and The Marais Circuit 1 and we were incredibly pleased with both tours.  We especially love going into the beautiful hidden courtyards of buildings, some of which are so tranquil, you tend to forget you are even in a city.

There is something about this cafe pictured below that steals my heart each and every time we pass it.  It just screams Parisian bistro, and while I rarely take any credit for any of Paul’s photos, I stopped in my tracks and asked him to take this photo.  I mean, look at that car!


The Rodin Museum is currently under construction, but it’s still worth the visit.  While certain parts of the museum are closed and the grounds are bordered with scaffolding, you can still stroll through around the beautiful property.  Actually, this is our new summer home.  Do you like it?


We also got the chance to meet this guy.  He’s beautifully sculpted and doesn’t talk much, but he’s quite The Thinker.


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