Weekly Photo September 23, 2018

Street photography has been a genre with which I have become more and more fascinated recently.  It is very different from landscape photography in a variety of ways.  When I shoot landscapes, I am very methodical in the way I set the shot up.  I usually have my camera on a tripod.  I set my aperture and shutter speed and check my ISO setting.  Then I make my exposures.  I have the luxury of time.

In street photography, I do not have that luxury.  I usually zone focus my camera, and rely on my reflexes to get a shot that’s in focus. I’m also trying to anticipate the action unfolding before me, so I can get an image that tells a story. As Michelle and I walk around cities, she will often hear me say, “Dang…I missed it!”  The older I get, that seems to happen more and more!

The story I saw in this photo was that of a tourist visiting New York City for the first time.  Traveling on the Governor’s Island ferry in the pouring rain, she’d return with an umbrella souvenir and fond memories to share.

I hope everyone is enjoying the photos and little stories that accompany them.  If so, drop us a comment!  Hopefully, Michelle will be back writing soon!


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2 Comments on “Weekly Photo September 23, 2018

  1. I love all your pictures. Keep them coming. Now that you are retired you should do this full time.

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