Weekly Photo-December 2, 2018

It’s Christmas time in the city, and Paul and I made sure to kick off the holiday season with a Seastreak cruise into downtown New York.  We’re committed to getting our SPG stays in before January 1, and the city gives us plenty of opportunity to move between hotels and rack up our stays.  We enjoyed a stellar upgrade at the W Downtown on Friday night.  They gave us a luxurious corner room with a magnificent view of the Freedom Tower. Saturday night we traded the room with a view for a Four Points Downtown broom closet.  It’s the small price you pay for staying at a sold out hotel in New York City at Christmas time.  We really can’t complain.  How lucky are we to be able to hop a ferry to New York City for the weekend?  It is truly one of the best perks of being a Jersey Girl.

Paul took this photo at Trinity Place Restaurant and Bar, a place we’ve walked by about a thousand times but never noticed until this trip.  We didn’t eat here, but we did find the atmosphere to be pretty unique considering we were inside of a bank vault dating back to 1904.  

Aside from our usual trips to Harry’s for pizza, Felice for pistachio gelato, and Fresh Salt for Sunday breakfast, we added a few additional stops to this weekend getaway.  We started our Sunday with a subway ride to Grand Central Station, and a walk from there to the Howard Greenberg Gallery to see the Vivian Maier exhibition.  If you don’t know about Vivian Maier’s photography, I highly recommend you do a quick Google search and read about her life.  To put it simply, she was a nanny (Phil Donahue’s nanny actually) who led this secret life of street photography.  Her photos were discovered at an auction after she died, and the secret was revealed.  She should of (could of) been really famous for her work.  If only, she let people know about it while she was alive.  Her photographs are incredible, and it was great to be able to view them up close at the gallery.  If you want more information about her, there is a great documentary that tells her story.  It reminds us a lot of the Rodriguez, Searching for Sugarman story.  That’s another good Google search.

After the gallery, we headed to the Mason Jar to watch the last South Carolina game of the season.  This is the Gamecock headquarters for the New York City Gamecock Club.  It’s a great place to see a game because the game is on every television complete with surround sound audio.  Carolina beat the Akron Zips 28-3, and now they are headed to the Belk Bowl to play the University of Virginia.  

Next, we visited O’Hara’s Pub.  Before 9/11, it was the local watering hole for many professionals who worked at the World Trade Center.  After sadly losing many of their regulars on 9/11, they opened their doors 7 months later and welcomed the workers at Ground Zero.  One of the regulars ripped a patch off a man’s uniform and stapled it to the wall, and now the inside walls of O’Hara’s are covered in over 6,000 police and fire patches from all over the country.  Here is another place we’ve walked by more times than we can count, and knew little of the history beyond the pub’s doors.  

The ferry ride home was a bumpy one today (Paul almost ran for a life jacket), but despite the weather, we were sad to say goodbye to the city this afternoon.  It’s always sad to say farewell to another great weekend in New York City.  

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