The Lyon Hotel

This photo was taken out the window of our hotel room in Lyon, France. Usually, I remember the names of every hotel and restaurant we’ve stayed at, but this one, I can’t recall. This usually means there wasn’t anything memorable about it, or I didn’t like it, but there are so many memories from our stay in this hotel that are just…funny. Here are a few:

  1. You had to walk through the train station to get there. That is if you took the train all the way to the station. Or, you could get off the train a stop earlier and taxi your way to the next train station. We know this by experience.
  2. The room was like a closet and if you looked out the window you saw nothing. But if you turned your head right, you saw a magnificent view of Lyon (see above).
  3. You go to Lyon to eat, but you should not eat the cheese plate at the hotel after a bouchon lunch and just before dinner. We advise against this.
  4. We’re still not sure if you were supposed to eat the salted crust around the steak. We are leaning towards no on this one, but we ate every bite. It did taste kind of salty, and it was a particularly long walk back to the hotel after all that cheese and salt.
  5. And if I didn’t mention, it is terribly inconvenient to traverse a train station just to get to the front door of your hotel.

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