Welcome to Cleveland

He’s been to The Grand Ole Opry House, and he hates country music.

He’s seen enough Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert to last a lifetime.

So what do you do for the man who has suffered through numerous musical tragedies and lived to tell the stories?

You take him to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He loves rock and roll.

Welcome to Cleveland, Paul (if we can get out of Newark first).

Ah, the famously delayed, recent winner of “worst airport in America” strikes again. The only thing they’ve got going is this view of the New York City skyline. At least you have something to gaze at while you wait…

Our first impression of Cleveland? Everyone is friendly, the city is incredibly clean, and the food is delicious and affordable. We had our first meal at The Butcher and the Brewer-part butcher shop, part brewery. These exhausted and hungry travelers threw down a pierogi flatbread, charred broccoli, patatas bravas and smoky mac and cheese within seconds of it hitting the bar.

And the view? Pretty magnificent so far.

This is Key Tower, apparently the tallest building in all of Ohio. See the key on top?

We will fill you in on all our good finds in Cleveland. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of our readers!

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