Embrace It

I don’t like to be stuck in a city in the rain; I don’t have good hair for it.

I do prefer to sit in a window and watch other people dash through it, some of them so elegant, others so mysterious.

Paul always seems to capture these breathtaking moments of people walking through the city. He can usually find the one person with the most stylish patterned umbrella as they delicately weave their way down busy Parisian sidewalks.

But what do you do on the streets of Cleveland when you’ve seemed to have left your name-brand umbrella at home? You improvise. Michael Symon would be happy to hear that those bags he so carefully picked out for carry- out at Mabel’s BBQ, also double as a fashionable rain hat. Even when your friend offers you her umbrella, you still refuse to give up your Mabel’s attire. I mean, it absolutely complements those heels, doesn’t it?

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