Bringing Down the White Picket Fence


I apologize for not updating the blog in the last few days.  I’ve got several good reasons for not being able to write: 1.  While living it up like a Parisian, I was in the midst of selling and closing on my aunt’s house in NJ.  This is a house I inherited two years ago and have been trying to sell, rather unsuccessfully, ever since.  Of course, all the important stuff happens while… Read More

From our little Parisian space, three stories high in the 1st arrondissement (we’ve got some serious steps), Paul and I have finally begun our much anticipated French adventure!  We are bubbling over with curiosity, but too jet lagged at this very minute to do much about it.  We are tired, yet totally intrigued.  We are stuck between the physical need to take a nap and the yearning to explore the city waiting… Read More