The Final Sorrento Honeymoon Post

We went to Sorrento on our honeymoon…not Positano, Amalfi, or Capri.  Let me repeat, we went to Sorrento.

I often get asked the question, “Where did you go on your honeymoon?” and when I say, “Sorrento”, I often get, “Where’s that?” or “Did you go to Positano while you were there?”  While I hear Positano is quite spectacular, I plan to go there another time, a time when I want to sight-see and run around like a crazy tourist.  However, on this particular trip, this “honey” time, as I like to refer to it, sight-seeing and running around was the least of my intentions.  Relaxing was my only intention…after all I just came to the finish line of a lifetime of planning for a wedding that came and went as quickly as you can say the words “I do”.

We stayed in Sorrento for an entire week.  By the time we left, you could have convinced me that I was a local, if only I spoke better Italian.  I absolutely love staying in one place for days at a time.  It gives you the chance to really acquaint yourself with your surroundings and get to know the local flavor.  When it comes time to leave, you almost feel like you are leaving your home away from home.  I felt this way in Paris, Madrid, and now Sorrento.

We spent many delightful hours by the pool on our honeymoon, in between eating of course.   We both took this as an opportunity to catch up on our reading.  For once, we were given the chance to dive into some literature beyond the elementary textbook.  It was glorious.  While I was glued to “Eat, Pray, Love”, Paul caught up on two of the latest Anthony Bourdain titles.  It was heavenly.  I also found time for napping.  All of the wedding day stress was now history.

Despite this, Capri, Positano, and Amalfi were all short and scenic trips from our hotel.  Should we venture outside of Sorrento or not?  That was the question.  I mean, while you are in Italy, shouldn’t you see Italy?   So we debated, pondered, and then decided, we would at least check out Capri, even though Paul had already been there once before.

Capri is an island, known for the famous Blue Grotto.  Blue Grotto=tourist trap.  It may be beautiful, but its going to cost you to see it and they are hoping and relying on you to come to Capri and overpay for this experience.

We knew this, so we decided we would go to Capri only to bask in the beauty of the island.   A 20 minute ferry ride from Sorrento, you can reach the isle of Capri via ferry service.  Just picture a jumbo Sea Streak in Italy!

Paul and I boarded the boat, took the twenty-minute ride, exited, walked around for five minutes, and returned to the boat.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We spent five minutes on Capri.  That’s all we needed.  In those five minutes, we were pestered by several restaurant waiters, all pushing their pictures of pasta.  “Come in,” they said in their best English.  In addition to the nonstop pestering, the heat was unbearable and the crowds were enormous.  With this, Paul and I both took one glance at each other and said, “Back to the pool”.  Who needs the almighty tourist trap when you can lounge by a pool in Sorrento?  Not a tough decision.

After a full day of pool time, we returned to the room to get ready for the evening ahead.  Before making our trek into town, we’d often return to the pool area before dinner, just to sit and enjoy the evening air.  On one particular evening, a short storm passed through and left the most breathtaking rainbows in the sky.  These were the most vivid and distinct rainbows I’d ever set eyes on.

Each night we’d stroll down the main street of Sorrento and take in the people, the street performers (there was a girl playing music via water goblets every single night!), and the shops.  Each night, this street was closed off so that only pedestrians, not vehicles, could cruise the street.  This is where I purchased my Sorrento and Co. watch, a hat that Paul insisted I needed to have, and a stylish Italian wristlet  and purse for our mothers.

And now I conclude our honeymoon adventure.  Below you can view some additional photos from our trip.  Enjoy…and remember to put Sorrento on your to-do list, bucket list, or any other list you may have.  Ciao!

Be sure to check out Paul’s new photography blog!  Now we will have two blogs running-this one which will be devoted to our tasty travels around the world and his newest blog devoted to his other love-photography.  Let us know what you think!  You can subscribe to both!

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