Weekly Photo-November 18, 2018

IMG_7644-2-Edit-Edit.JPGNew York City and pizza.  Two of the best things in America.

So, let me tell you a little story.  I know nothing about the pizzeria in this photograph, but I’m going to use this photo as my excuse to tell you about the pizzeria I LOVE in New York City.  Harry’s Italian on Gold Street is just about the best thing on Earth, and unfortunately, we only recently realized it.  Paul and I adore weekend getaways to the city, especially when we stay at the little Four Points Downtown on Platt Street.  It is not a fancy hotel by any means, but it’s affordable, clean, and close to a lot of things we love: Governor’s Island, Felice, Fresh Salt, Bacaro, and now, Harrys.  The Four Points has always been two doors down from Harry’s, but for years, we never ventured inside.  And then one day, we did.  The discovery led me to believe that one should NEVER trust Yelp for anything, nor should you ever judge a restaurant based on how empty you THINK it is.  Chances are it’s bustling inside and you can’t see it.

Harry’s is square pizza heaven.  It is so good that on our last trip into the city we had dinner there on Friday AND Saturday night.  I’m pretty sure Paul would agree that we’d trade just about any fancy New York City dinner for a few of Harry’s steaming squares of cheese perfection.

Follow them on Instagram for food photos worth drooling over, and GO get a Harry’s square pizza as soon as you can.

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