The Asbury Park Sun Features Paul’s Photo and Our Terrace!

This is our “terrace” as I like to call it.  The place where Paul and I spend most of our summer days taking a break from the stressful demands of the school year.  You can usually find us just inches from the water, lounging in our Tommy Bahama chairs, each of us with our noses stuck inside a good book.

Behind us, in all its grandeur, sits Convention Hall, a building with a story I’d love to hear.  If buildings could talk, this one might have a lot to say.  Its witnessed a shipwreck, the circuit, the crowds, the abandonment, and now the transformation. All the while still holding on to the intricate details now long forgotten by modern architecture.

There is a history hidden behind the tall and salty exterior of Convention Hall.  A history that can only be told by generations before mine.  All while a future is currently being sculpted.  Listen, whenever you can.  And love Asbury Park…

2 Comments on “The Asbury Park Sun Features Paul’s Photo and Our Terrace!

  1. Enjoyed!! Great photos and great commentary! Have a wonderful time in Paris.

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