Pre-Paris Pondering

Indulging on my first trip to Paris.

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about baguettes.  I think about coffee, croissants, and cheese a lot too.  But mostly, I’m consumed by baguettes.  I’m eager for that warm, succulent taste of crunchy French perfection I experienced on my last visit.

We are living in Paris this summer in the 1st arrondissement.  We’ve had our little Parisian residence picked out and reserved for almost a year now.  As you can see, that’s left a lot of time to dream about loaves of bread.  I’m constantly curious and always wondering what the name will be of our favorite cafe, where we’ll pick up fresh ingredients for our picnics along the Seine, and just how many times I’ll blunder the French language.

We plan to welcome the mishaps, find joy in the blunders, and blog about it daily.  Join us in Paris…as soon as the school bell rings.

Perfection in a cup!

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