Our Little City by the Sea

Yesterday, we began our day quietly sipping coffee at America’s Cup and ended the day with an order of pasta fagioli and a Dizzy Dame sandwich from The Speakeatery.  In between, I got my locks pampered at Hot Mess Salon while Paul took his camera out in the cold morning air to grab a photo.  Later, we enjoyed our favorite Firecracker Roll at Taka’s new and trendy Cookman location.  There we met and talked to Taka himself, our first time ever having the pleasure to meet him and tell him how much we adore his food and his new, beautiful restaurant.  Next, we made our way over to the grand opening of the Asbury Park Festhalle and Biergarten, and somehow, managed to grab a Bavarian pretzel and a bar stool, despite the growing crowd of people rushing in to check the place out.  Afterwards, we met the famous photographer Bob Gruen, watched a documentary on his amazing and noteworthy career, and attended a special reception at the Art629 gallery, all through a special invitation from Asbury Underground.  Yes, we were on the guest list.

While we may enjoy Asbury Park much more when the air is warm and our toes are in the sand, our love for this beach town thrives in all seasons, even during the bitter cold days of winter.  As you can see, it was just another beautiful day in our little city by the sea…

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4 Comments on “Our Little City by the Sea

  1. Your images of Asbury Park bring back memories from more than 50 years ago. My uncle would surprise us, me and my cousin, with an unplanned trip to Asbury Park. There was no Garden State Parkway yet and we made our way down rt 35 in a 1953 Chevy. I always got to ride the carousel. Isn’t it great to live in a place that’s interesting? Sometimes my love for Paris obscure the fact that Baltimore is an interesting place but your NJ photos remind me to look around.

  2. I keep coming back to this image. I think it is because of the contrast between the sharp edges of the building and the softness of the sky and the water. Really well conceived.

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