Springsteen’s Snow People

The tickets to the show sold out in 8 minutes, and we were lucky enough to get two.  Bruce Springsteen’s The River Tour-January 24th-Madison Square Garden.  A perfect excuse to escape the monotony of our daily routine for a long, winter’s weekend in New York City.  And then, like it sometimes does in January, it snowed.  The kind of snow that gets you a day off from school, cancels your big evening with The Boss, and with some odd twist of fortunate luck (that didn’t feel fortunate at the time), officially makes you one of Springsteen’s “snow people.”


And that seems to have made all the difference…

Why?  Because Bruce Springsteen understands the agony endured by his biggest fans (my husband) as they were made to wait until March to see his sold out show. He understands that some people flew to New York on that blustery January day (i.e.the guys sitting next to us who flew all the way from London), only to find a city silenced in white, and sudden new travel plans.


So when he welcomed his “snow people” last night and told us he’d make it up to us, we understood he meant it.  Until almost midnight, he rocked the Garden with not only the show we’d all signed up for, but with songs like “Rosalita”, “Jungle Land”, and “Meeting Across the River.”  We even got to see him dance with his mom to “Ramrod.”  It was an unforgettable show, worth every minute of the wait, and every flake of the snow.


We also can’t complain that we got to spend a Monday in March, strolling the busy streets of New York City.



And despite these gray clouds above…


The “snow people” saw some beautiful signs of spring!


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