This past August we went on a two week adventure through Seattle, Vancouver, and Alaska.  Then we came home to a hectic beginning of a new school year.  This one more hectic than most, with a new and sudden career move for me, the writer of the family.  Life got busy, and Alaska became a distant memory, put aside for when things settled down, and when my mind was better able to focus and reflect on my personal life.  Yet, things don’t ever really settle down, do they?  There comes a time when you just have to tell yourself it is okay to spend a little time on you, and do those things that fulfill you.  So while my mind is racing with all the “have-tos” and the “should-dos”, this very brief blog post is my attempt to concentrate on those things I’ve neglected to do.  This trip was a photographer’s dream for Paul.  Alaska is a state so uniquely different from the 49 others, with so many amazing opportunities to capture great photos.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post on Seattle, Vancouver, and Alaska.  Until then, enjoy the view…



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