Steps of Sorrento

We honeymooned in Sorrento, Italy. It was the perfect honeymoon of sit by the pool, walk down to town to eat, take the bus back up to the hotel to sit by the pool again, walk down to town to eat, take the bus back up to the hotel. Notice, I didn’t say walk up? I don’t think it was Sorrento official or anything, but our hotel was the farthest hotel from sea level in all of town. And our favorite restaurant sat right at sea level, practically in this water. That’s why the seafood was so fresh.

If you want just a glimpse of part of the walk back up to town, here it is:

It’s the young and newly married me taking the steps after a lunch of fish, pasta, pizza, repeat. These steps led you right up to the town square. But the hotel? Still miles away from Earth; take a right at the Milky Way.

We have so many fond memories of our honeymoon. The food, the people, the pool, the lemon trees, and the steps. It’s funny how something as minor as a staircase and a path that winds it way past the limoncello can remain etched in your mind for all of eternity. We laughed, and almost cried (tears of joy) when our favorite waiter, after another hefty and delicious dinner, flagged down a city bus to take us back up to town. He must have known we overdid it that night and that these stairs might have actually killed us.

That’s how we’ll always remember Sorrento. Overly happy to bypass the stairs and knowingly too full to have survived the climb, we were two newlyweds on a private ride to the center of town on a city bus they wouldn’t let us pay for. And here we are, still laughing about it 9 years later. That’s the good stuff.

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