Fat Tire Bike Tours

Paul took this photo on the nighttime Fat Tire Bike Tour of Paris. It is the one thing we highly recommend everybody do if it’s your first time visiting this beautiful city. It is essential that you take both the day tour and the night tour. You’ll jump on a beach cruiser and pedal down city streets that lead you to these breathtakingly gorgeous and remarkable views. On the day tour, you will enjoy a leisurely lunch in the Tuileries and at night, you’ll enjoy dessert at Berthillon before cruising past the Louvre and hopping a river cruise down the Seine while the Eiffel Tower sparkles in all its glory . Sounds pretty spectacular, doesn’t it?

The best part is, you can Fat Tire yourself around a lot of other cities these days, including New Orleans. We’ve now Fat Tired in London and the Big Easy, and we plan on adding Barcelona soon. In fact, we’d love to Fat Tire our way around the world. Wink, wink, Fat Tire. We’d be honored.

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