Bringing Down the White Picket Fence


  I always say, “To travel is to eat,” and I believe food is the ultimate gateway between the traveler and the local.  There is no better way to embrace the culture of a country than to dig your hands, your fork, your bread, into the culinary delights of a foreign place.  Food gives you opportunities, not only to taste, but also to converse with the people who cook it and serve… Read More

Our Moms are in Paris and we’ve been so busy showing them the city that I’ve neglected to blog.  We’ve had them on bicycles and boats, to cafes and museums, on the sidelines of the Tour de France, and even for their first falafel!  I wish we had toted the camera along for that street dining experience!  We’ve walked and walked in the blazing sun and heat (they kindly brought it with… Read More