Bringing Down the White Picket Fence


  I always say, “To travel is to eat,” and I believe food is the ultimate gateway between the traveler and the local.  There is no better way to embrace the culture of a country than to dig your hands, your fork, your bread, into the culinary delights of a foreign place.  Food gives you opportunities, not only to taste, but also to converse with the people who cook it and serve… Read More

So here I was worried about packing enough shoes and, as it turns out, I should have been more concerned about packing appropriately for the weather. Today’s high temperature was a blustery 65 degrees with tonight’s low predicted to be about 57! Turns out my feet are just fine. I’ve just got a serious on and off case of the goosebumps. I know, I know, take my story walking right? I’m sure… Read More